Size Guide to ensure a perfect fit, it's best to get an accurate measurement. Our bodies fluctuate in size more than we would like to admit, so it is vital to have the correct measurements of your waist and hips. Not having accurate numbers can mean that you're not getting the best fit for you. Taking your own measurements is easy – all you need is a cloth or vinyl body-measuring tape (not metal). Simply measure your waistline, two inches above the belly button area. Make sure that the tape is level and not too tight or too loose. Plus, be sure to measure yourself in your undergarments, not over clothes. Measure against the skin and do not suck-in for best results. Round to the nearest half inch.


Select which height range column you fall into and then select your waist range to determine size required. If you carry more weight on your stomach area e.g. have post baby pouch, or we recommend that you order 1 size up

Please NOTE: All waist trainer/cincher are determined by your accurate waist inches.

 For example: If your waist measured between 24.5-25 inches and your weight is between 116-130 pounds your accurate waist shaper in the latex style only, would be a size XS-30

 Consider your height and weight as a secondary option



All sizes and measurements of items are approximate; however we do make every effort to ensure they are accurate as possible


PLEASE NOTE: This Size Chart is Only To Be Used For


Houglass Zipper Shaper




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