Combo PAK (Hourglass Zipper Shaper, Osmotic Wrap, and instant lipo gel)

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Combo PAK (Hourglass Zipper Shaper, Osmotic Wrap, and instant lipo gel)

Waist cincher with zipper made with Powernet excellent garment for waist shaping. Hypoallergenic cotton lining. It has internal brooches for make easy put your cincher on. High compression garment. Ideal for post-pregnancy or just for people who wanted reshapes only the waist line and abdomen
Helps you burn unwanted body fat.

Shape your waist line.
Enhance your natural body curves.
Flatten your abdomen.
Correct your posture.

Models and stylizes your figure, Abdomen, and waist. Correct your posture. Helps you slim your waist, by accelerating the burning fat process. The more you use it the faster you will reduce sizes

The Hourglass zipper shaper is an all-purpose shaper. This shaper has one level clips, an outer zipper and a top latch.

 Made with Powernet.

 100% latex free

excellent molding system.
Anti- Allergenic cotton lining material.
Lose inches off your waist

 Osmotic Body Wrap

Achieving weight loss and a desired slimmer waist is difficult and a long process that can thankfully be made easier with our Osmotic Wrap. 

The slimming body wrap can be applied before bed and worn for six hours overnight so it doesn't interfere with your day. Or for a maximum of 6 hours during the day with your waist shaper. This weight loss body wrap was designed to provide long term results as it detoxifies your cells and compresses target bumpy areas. The Wrap can be applied to any target area on the body with the body cream of you choice. 

Body wrap that can be applied at home.


promotes weight loss 
organic compounds 
overnight application 

Osmotic wrap is to be used with any of our body cream/gel, firming cream and more to speed up the process in burning fat tissue Use it with our waist shapers for better results.

How to use; 
-Apply firming gel or caffeine cream
-Wrap Osmotic clear wrap around your waist 
-Put on your cincher.

❤ Directly reduces fat reserves
❤ Easy fat cells breakage
❤ Anti cellulite
❤ Improves micro circulation
❤ Lipolytic effect – easy fat cells breakage
❤ Detoxifies
❤ Promotes weight loss
It is perfect to use on its own or with any waist shaper to help achieve that curvy slimmer waist. Simply apply caffine cream around your waist after shower. Massage in a circulate motion. Wrap Osmotic Wrap around your waist. Recommended use 6-8 hours each use. Use it with our corsets for better results.
❤ Keep out of reach of children
❤ Should not be used on face
❤ External use only
❤ Patch test is essential 24 hours before use
❤ Discontinue use if you notice any skin reaction
❤ Must be over the age of 18+